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Order and Disorder

If a person has a "disorder", it means he also has an "order",At source it is an "order" with an added issue,So you cannot get rid of a disorder, without getting rid of the order.Being hard wired differrantly to such , means it cannot be changed back.It has to be given a new condition (as was the original order was given in its beginning).
So the drug and pill treatment is no good.It wont return back to the "order",or "get well", as is promised on the tin.
A bit like the psychology of the bible chapters through from the beginning onwards.It wont get well to be able to return to the "garden".
It basically has to skip to the next chapter .Reincarnation.
If you study genesis carefully it doesn't actually say that after eating from the tree of knowledge we immediately skip into the tree of life as Adam and Eve and have children.It basically starts out with the prouct of the garden which is the result of that first incident.We are introduced into the book as Cain and Abel.The first generation.This is where the game kicks off.This is chapter one.Otherwise one has to assume Adam and Eve didn't need to attain knowledge through further chapters, and launched straight into the game.If this was the case you wouldnt have needed chapter one ( Cain and Abel) and the rest of the knowledge chapters.It is delivering the knowledge of reincarnation,.Most important verses of genesis have several levels of meaning, if you look into them so as to deliver knowledge to those who have an eye to see, and not to those who are not ready to know.Safeguarding powerfull information.Lock and key.

If you take what I have just said to another level you could consider the next argument for interpreting hidden meaning in the text of Genesis.
Cain is expelled into the Land of Nod , east of Eden from Cainan, and meets a wife that springs from nowhere , without explanation, as their wives seem to do.So where does the female lineage enter into Adam and Eve and Cain and Able?Read it like this.The book is written from a male angle and what applies to the goose applies to the gander.The politics female will be a mirror image and equal to of the male explanation.They will be the same.
It doesn't seem to explain the mechanics by which reincarnation operates at the surface level, but you could assume that one of the original mechanisms is suggested in the killing of Abel.Death in such a fashion leading to rebirth.If the female politics and knowledge is a mirror image, then how the next generation of females arrived i.e. Cains wife, then maybe that was a result of a rebirth from a physical death.
Physical death is the neccassary for transferring to the next life.Reincarnation.
An example of unlocking information hidden in the text.
If you want further support for this interptretation , look at the natural world of pair and mating amongst the animal kingdom and the genetics thereof.Humans mate for life for the prolonged rearing of children.They are genetically programed only for this. They cannot survive in nature any other way.So in other words, genetically,in nature, lifetimes of humans (and some other species) are seperated by death.
One mating is one lifetime only,by nature.This is the strict law of nature in a completely natural environment (which we are not subject too now.).
Although to most it seems a bit harsh, the Catholic Church still stick to this knowledge.Is cant be denied as the truth.
Many people disagree with this, but I would say that it does not apply in an unnatural world. This I would agree.But it is one of natures laws.It is applicable in a natural world that doesnt have safe guards to protect it from natural results, i.e death by nature.
Those that don't agree say that a psychological death is the higher, more civilizedway of travelling through this space.They are therefore saying,if you follow the argument, that Cain should have killed Abel at a higher level, and not physically.
They are therefore moving beyond their genetic program into a higher realm of nature.This is how the modern human species sees things as well.But having persued this argument for a few thousand years,(ever since we left the land and started to live in towns and cities),it has proven to be the case that mankind has not survived, we are on the eve of extinctuon, we have a project to save the human genome and species on Mars,reliable information to say that the end is close,
In Genesis it states that incarnations areto be punctuated by a physical death.It states many other nature truths in thebible as well. Other scriptures as well.As the Catholic doctrine still holds to many of these truths.Who is right and who is wrong about moving to a higher species in such a short time.?
It is not possible.
It is not possible to survive outside the checks and safeguards of natures balance and ecosystems,away from the natural earth environment.Even if we were successful in our enlightenment and knowledge quest, the end result would be that we would have to return to the forest,to continue to survive and live as a human species.
Wecannot expect to survive by going to Mars, even further away from our nature,They are Cyberg,ing us anyway on Mars.
We are on the wrong path and will continue to do so.

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The Gods and God

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Drug Psychiatric Disorders

Like music delivered through an amplifier, drugs amplify the opening and wiring of the brain and mind.Especially true to the students of subculture using cannabis etc through amplified music and sounds.Drug users become hard wired to a differrant brain wiring to normal people.This change is permanent.This is unnatural.

Therefore when we are talking about the normal mental disorders that occur naturally we can find these same type of conditions in  what you might call and "Amplified"  circumstances in the drug user.Also all normal and natural mind states are also going to exist in the drug user in an"amplified " condition.Therefore we under stand what subculture terms as the machine Messiah. Such people as Bob Dylan, and subculture artists and musicians.These people , as do most dedicated cannabis, LSD, cocaine users, have Christ like minds.As psychologists know , expanded mind conditions are typically this, or Fuerer, ,or Judge type complexes. We cannnot deny the authenticity of these mind states at higher levels, albeit out of the norm and unusual. Distortion of these mind states deliver psychopathic disorders which we have all been educated about.

So when we consider the disorders that are pre-designated to happen in the drug user, we come across very severe psychopathic disorders.

Read more...Collapse )
The whole damn thing about War and defence has always been orchestrated by the female.
If you look at the one about Satan or the Devil? Where are the roots for this , The femake.
So to go alttle further as to what are the roots to the one abot God.Iy once again must point in the same direction.So Take a closer look at Genesis. Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel and Noah.

The Mad Doctor.

The Doctor Is Nuts. 

For 40 years I have been targetted by experimental psychology/psychiatry and by now know most of the tricks.being in such a position gives you access to a great deal of information.Not only about yourself, but the system you are dealing with.

Simply by this information process it became clear to me very early on that colassal erorrs of judgement are made in  the hospital machinery.And information as to the reasons for this is accessable.

As other patients have also realized, almost unanimously, The staff and doctors/clinicians/health workers and legal workers,deliver enough information to be diagnosed very seriously.As do the Police and authorities in the community.Also I might add military.

It would not be such a problem if these people were not in positions of power and responsibility.

They are extremely dangerous as can be seen when they are in  poseession of guns etc, as are the police.Also system people are in this category.The Blacklist is not a genuine list.It is a targeted list of people to be terminated insociety,s power struggle


Keeping in my the post below .A brain which can process the sensory input is understood by most people, but I am saying in this artificial enviroment, we all score the disorder delivered by the tree of knowledge.

Some say this may be the knowledge that describes schizophrenia.As in Adam and Eve, Genesis,But I don think so.The tree of knowledge probably isn't a knowledge virus, within the tree of life.It may be though, outside the tree of life.

I think it more likely to be attributed to a bit of information or knowledge that is fouling up the proceesing part of the brain because it is impossible to process.Therefore it could be a knowledge or information that is not of human nature.that has entered the brain.

A knowledge virus of some sort.

Schizophrenia is a death, but I would sugest a death at a higher level, not a primitive level, or a drug overdose.

Evil delivers death. Good does not. That is the definition of evil death.(but at a higher level).

The saying goes "The wages of sin are death, the wages of God are eternal life." 


The brain processes the sensory information a bit like a computer, and delivers the print out. Normal functioning has no problem in the conditioned mind.You may ask where is the diagnosis if we are all subject to original sin and the knowledge virus that it delivers.

Where is the sensory information input and  printout mistakes?.

These occur when the conditioned artificial environment is compromised.

The processing mistakes are there sure enough.

Is it sighted that we loose our sight?

Is it sighted that we never gain our sight?

The condition mind can function but only if the real conditions of life are not encountered. In other words we function in an artificial environment only.

 We can only live under certain conditions. Laws.

Laws and conditions  for human beings need to be related to human nature,which is male and female.

It is very significant that the bible brings up straight away the subject of  good and evil.

Sex and Killing straight away are dealt with,.Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. Conditions and a compulsory response ,(compelled by nature), of work, child birth  and life.These are the basic conditions that are compulsory .As to Cain this is not punished other than expelled from Cainan to live in the land of Nod East of Eden, and likewise work , child birth and the tree of life.

It is compelled by nature that Cain kills.It is not against the law,It is the law.

Life and death are suggested to be under stood at higher levels to explain the evolution that is suggested in genesis and the bible.But life and death at higher are not easy to attain for a human nature and therefore mortality has to be considered as a fact of life .So referring back to Cain and Abel and back to the knowledge of good and evil, we are left  in a position where we have to accept  the less  appealing facts of life. Remembering that Adam and Eve lifespan was about 950 years and that our lifespan is now a mere 70 years..Assuming future generations come from past generations it may be that mortality has been introduced by intelligent design for a good reason.Not only Cain and Abel, but marriage is a lifelong pairbond, and this also signifies mortality, of a sort built ,into those 70 years of a lifespan, as a way of repeating the nature cycle in  an upward learning process.Evolution.

A lot of uncertainty on the following point exists and I have heard many people endorse the view that I am supporting.The pairbonding in human males and females is designed  to last a lifetime for the purpose of teaching and bring up a family.Reproduction.It is genetic.It cannot be altered.In built a part of our survival fro reproducing the species successfully.There is only one bite of the cherry.But people will carry on creating the truth to suit their own addictions.Catholics endorse this view incidently.They are no wrong.Mortality does separate each reproductive lifetime.Sice this genetic truth is apparrant it does contradictsthe argument in genesis a bit, suggesting  our purpose has always been reproductive and not quite as stated in the tree of knowledge scenario.It  points towards interferance in  our evolution at this time,by God, the gods or more likely by extraterrestials taking control of our nature.Through our reproductive politic and our food politic.They have struck at the central forces of our nature,food and sex.They control humans in this way as does the computer or AI.We are slaves.

It is supposed to quicken our evolution.

The point that one has to arrives at ,is to take it to a point where you kill at a more civilized level, ie for instance kill with a prison sentence.That is the meaning in genesis.Complete fools in our society cant work out the laws of human nature, .

My hypothesis , as differs from a lot of the eastern beliefs is that idealy our evolution comes from our male female partners each life time followed by mortality and a new suitable , and higher lesson , being resumed in our next life, from the choice of a higher, more evolved teacher/partner.It does require mortality between lessons.

The knowledge of good and evil is on the menu.Fools try to preach that only a good knowledge is acceptable.You can read into Adam and Eves tree of knowledge that good and evil live forever by the tree of life,not just good.Also that God or Gods are both good and evil, thus life will go on forever whether or not you are good are evil. 

Better to say the right and the left handpath.

The full knowledge that will be learned is that evil is good and good is evil.There is no dichotomy and the brain will therefore process the sensory information and deliver a correct printout.

My belief is that schizophrenia will be when knowledge input is  from non human nature and therefore the brain cannot process.

It can be seen from genesis that good and evil is delivered  in the package of Adam and Eve, and there fore is sensory information of human nature.It is not delivered within the package of Cain and Abel. Adam and Eves children, in the living of their life, Cain and Abel are a corruption of the previous generation, and Cain has targeted Abel mistakenly.His real target would have been Eve.But this is why they need knowledge because Adam and Eve,(nature), need to deal with itself at a higher level.

This is compelled by their human nature.(thus the meaning of god putting enmity between her seed and his heel.)Like football or rugby there is no other way for the human race to battle it out except in contest with each other and by life, with marriage and childbirth ,and it does need to be at a higher level.

Nature is like matter and anti matter.This is the same with male and female. 

They are designed to  dematerialize each other.

Nature is mutually assured destruction if not understood.

The new testament mention that higher knowledge, which we are supposed to attain eventually.


There is no way to solve the issues encountered by the mind that is struck with a program that terminates the processing ability of its brain.i.e. a knowledge virus.

Exactly what is outline in that book of psychiatry in Genesis.

Genesis theorise that you should get down to a bit of work and move on , go forward, eat of the tree of life. Exact  same thing as psychiatry today dictates.

But there is no cure. Much later on the bible dictates through the new testament as to the solution, after learning lifes lessons."Lest you become like gods."

It is quite clear therefore that we are all born with original sin and are diagnosable for a condition for which there is no cure.

So therefore theoretically speaking it is possible for an intelligent shrink to nut-off anyone whatsoever, quite legitimately. especially if he turns over two or three pages to see Cain and Able.Eve too.

We all have to carry out our "occupational theorapy"

So exact same thing psychiatry today and genesis.No big deal its always been the same.

We are not going to arrive at the new testament and walk on water so we might as well forget about any ideas of recovery.

Collective Conciousness and Genesis

Is there such a thing as a healthy mind.?

 I don't know if collective consciousness is applicable any more or whether we have lost our connection with ourselves.

We are very much biological computers  attached to our digital intelligence.AI.

Are we now AI.? All  digital world people are. System people.That includes Military, Police, Governments.Bankers.etc

Looking at the machine technology again.

It is a machine built on the science from the physics and mathematics .

Theoretical physics, binary mathematics.

Seeing technology for what it is would be the only way of escaping the machine.Back to the question of psychiatry, our mind and collective consciousness, Are we talking about a physicist or a psychiatrist.?

Therefore the definition of psychiatry has changed.The Human mind is now hard wired to science and technology The Unified Field Theory. The Theory of Everything.

It will be hard wired to the genome as well.

Therefore we would have to know either Everything or Nothing for our brains to function .

This is what bit said in Genesis to Adam and Eve, having eaten of the Tree of Knowledge,.....you must learn the knowledge of good and evil so as to become like the gods,your own god.(through life.).The knowledge is the knowledge of Nature.(Human nature).

The Bible is vehicle  manual . It is a book of Psychiatry.

 (there no such thing as God in the bible it  states "gods" i.e many ,of which we also are one .)

As to who and how the bible was written .It promotes an interference with mans evolution by the gods( or extraterrestials) , therefore indicates alien influence in the writing of the bible.So if man did write it, it would have been from a biased or brain washed point of view from his own god platform, which would be connected with gods or aliens.My conclusion is that it was written by alien through mans hand.There fore it would make sense that we have been controlled  to quicken our evolution.Call it God.

Cain (and Abel) were not creations of the genetic material alone of Adam and Eve, but it is written that they came from god.Again  supporting capture  humans  by gods ie extraterrstials .

The lifelong pairbonding of the male and female  supports  a genetic proof that man evolves through nature by repeated mortalities as does woman to evolve by one reproducing partner per lifetime.The purpose being reproduction and extended learning times for the continuation and evolution of the human species.This is contradictory to the truth of genesis.It confirms that we have been hijacked and controlled  through our food and our sex force,This is the case now , by computer systems. AI.

Genetic study disproves genesis truth, but we will not be able do anything about the  overall control of mankind by ET. Therefore the truth that will prevail is the genesis truth.

We cannot have the exactly accurate truth at this stage of our evolution, due to ET politics which we cannot over ride. Man has been living in an artificial environment since these times to an increasing extent, whereby he could no longer survive naturally.He no longer is his own master,much more with the exponentially so with the silicon revolution.We would be helpless in natural enviroment, a deconditioned enviroment.We are extinct.Part machine part man, since farming began 10,000 years ago, no doubt by intelligent design.

ET  has us on the dinner plate.The gods have invited us to evolve and join the club.

If you look at other evolutions on earth i.e.trees, have been evolving for 3/400 million years? it stands to reason that they are not only better adapted to survive but should be far advanced in their evolution than us.Other creatures and animals as well.We are out of the game and there fore in the survival stakes we are well behind the life forms on earth that do survive.Trees have finished there evolution a long time ago, yet they do not take off with technology attachments to other solar systems.They are already there and in other dimensions.They do not die and leave their enviromemnt when evolved , they become as gods,andcontinue their work, they are promoted another dimension.Our alien or God experience can only, at best quicken our evolution to return us to our local environment.To be there as well.We are a piece of technology in our own  right.We do not need machines, as it is with other evolved life.We are a machine already.

A point to make  about religion , by the bible, Genesis, is ,in genesis after the story of Adam and Eve, Cain  and Abel, you come  quickly to the story of Noah.This is in the first few pages of the book..The earth being full of wickedness of mankind, god wishes to destroy man.After going to these lengths of teaching knowledge through the tree of life.It seems a bit odd .If the human race is a right off as this,  what hope is there.The whole damn thing was no good.? To me that says finite.The beginning and the end of religion all within the first chapter.What is the rest of it about? 

How can it be come any better next time, if the basic original build was a failure.?

Everything is in Genesis.

What comes next, again in Genesis.The Tower of Bable and the decision to confound the languages of all the races on earth so they could not understand each other.Prior to this presuemably  all humans could communicate freely.OK , Take animals. Foxes, cats, dogs, cats etc they are fine communicating with each other.They are telepathic.All living things are telepathically communicating.So what it must be talking about in the confounding of the langauges ,is the removal of our natural ability to communicate (telepathy), and introducing an information technique based on sound ie talking was introduced, developed differrantly across the nations.It the process of programing us that Genesis describes.Not so much the introduction of a truth of God, as a loss of a truth of God.

If you compare a creature that has evolved naturally, a cat , a dolphin, an elephant, a lion,tiger puma, jaguar, a tree ,to our balls up, we don't compare to these amazing creatures.

Original sin represents the the breaking down of the central nervous system of the human and the subsequent intelligent reconstruction of it to suit the design of  ET, through the developing of information transfer through sound and writing etc , farming, simplifying things to control its time and space . Territorial conquest (mind)?If you look at recent activity our time and space has been transferred over to the digital chip, the computer or iphone.Our mind, is our time and space, has now it has gone.we are a machine . A Cyborg.

Although you could liken a logical machine to a mathematical exercise and therefore a universal or impartial controller,I am guessing that the bottom line is going to be an Alien controller.

The baghavad gita is as relevant as  the bible and an intersting verse states with just as much authority that not one in very many million souls actually knows "god".It is saying that a negligible amount of people are reached by religion .This does ring true of all religions.Where are the 500 million people world wide who should be living in Utopia on earth hiding every generation ?and doing the good work?

Its a mistake.

The controllers in my opinion have altered important verses in the bible, especially the Romans.The verse slipped into genesis , which refers to "the man leaves his parents therefore and cleaves to his wife"  , I think was added to influence social control . probably by Rome.

5,000 years ago the was a small population,prbably a bit anarchistic in terms of laws and retrictions,not much need of social control or marriage or a matriarchial setup to subjucate males.But this is not the case in such a place as Rome 3,000 years later,where you have to control the male population by their women or else set up the sort of Empire that Gengis Khan set up.

 I think adam and eve is sufficient explanation of male and female..This is supported by what turns out a little later in Genesis, a bad society or humanity that he had to destroy in the flood.If they were in  order matriarchal society, this would not have happened.there fore It may be that marriage was not meant to be in this new situation .I may be wrong.But additionally it states that adams desire shall be to god whilst Eve is  to Adam.suggesting this is not a matriarchial system.Also such a marriage system does not give much licence to the idea of learning the values of good and evil as otherwise would be the case.

I think it has been tampered with quite a lot.Also we know  that there is one bite of the cherry, which adam and eve supposedly have exhausted with original sin.So marriage would  have be a conditioned and artificial institution to follow on from that..The Jesus,s comment on marriage, "what God has joined together let no man cast asunder".(what alien has joined ?).this is not quite in line with the genesis description, "man shall cleave to his wife.."but not conclusive against either .

The pair bonding is an accident waiting to happen and its going to be present in everyone,The question is who, s going to pull the trigger?You are certainly going to learn something, ( by your mistakes).but whether it is the best environment to evolve knowledge ?I am not convinced about the comment in genesis about marriage.

In a natural environment ,man is  going to be defensive for , protection of family, self defence etc..We are programmed to kill, such as in these circumstances as are all animals.For food etc.in mating and defending situations..the female it would seem would be dependant on a male for defence and must have control of that defence at least in respect of offsprings defence.There must be a mechanism built in male/female genetically .So when alien interferrance starts where does it direct those mating defending genetics.?adam and eve and cain and abel.Those basic instincts are locked into that program but it doesn't exactly fit.Genesis cannot fit those reproductive pairbonding politics into the one lifetime genetic program.It has held up a carrot and a stick for the next 5,000 years  to fulfil those original one life time forces.So what once worked perfectly no longer works.Human is now renamed Mankind.They are no longer evolving on earth, They are coming from another solar system from this time on.Alien.We are alien evolution for the last 5,000 years if not a lot more. To build a so called civilization, tower blocks and skyscrapers ?Who for ?No good to us  and our  evolution.Being used for colonization of earth?


Buddhists say that we are re-incarnated back into nature which would mean earth nature, it could be that we may be returned as  another species on earth to continue evolving in our nature.Anything would be possible, something not so attractive maybe.if we loose the species of human being.


So to the question of psychiatry, you could weigh it up with science and with human nature , as  to where we stand with our mind and collective consciousness.I don't think we should move into being a Cyborg, with our iphones and laptops.

Dead on Arrival ?

Its no use trying to outwit this antichrist type western world system.It has got you from  birth.This does include kids born today.It can certainly predict a disorder from parents, so its gonna be on the data base before its born.Its also going to predict coming through a customs port.Mk Ultra controls that and will buy your mind on entry to this country.Even 2000 years ago they were on the ball enough for Herod to predict Christ, so how much better than that are they now.?

Albeit it would be said he was not disorded.

Religion.The Cannabis mind.

They say cannabis is not addictive yet when I was locked up at age 25 I spent the next 15 years craving for a smoke , very very badly  .If it wasnt for this detention, I would not have been able to withdraw from  drugs.So psychological addiction is seen to be worse than physical addiction.What does it do.It delivers God.Utopia.Very ,very addictive, to the extent that one cannot live without it.

It expands the mind and eventually activates the Christ Mind.I am told there are two otrher enlightened mind states, The Furer Mind, and The Judge Mind.All three utopian states.

This is what genuine religion does too, whereby eventually one has to depart from the wheel of becoming into the other world, As all christs, budhas and yogis have shown.So at the best of times it delivers death.

So what becomes of the drug user with its less qualified drug cult religion. ?It is machine messiah? With me, even 16 years in a lunatic asylum, still doesn't put back into  the self same space it came out of,it is a total right-off taking drugs and a liability that needs adrressing in a very serious way.Its three mind states, which are architected, by drug use (alien minds),are unstable and out of control. There is a requirement for death, but not only death,There is aslo a requirement to kill. This is unavoidable for the Christ minds that have been attained by drug user.It is unavoidable by Alien minds. ,,,,,,,,,,(Other types of mind constructions are sometimes compelled to kill also, and can be constructed by intelligent design for use as weapons.),,,,And therefore dangerous to itself and others.It is also untreatable.( A  psychopathic disorder).Higher states of mind are legitimate if attained without drugs, even a furers mind ( an antichrist mind)..Naturally.

 An interesting point to note here is that the above comments are equally applicable to females which many people are blind to.

Superpowerfull drugs are even worse,Much more dangerous.( crack cocaine.)

This is why in China ,they are executed.

I dont like to say it, but this is why the government execute abductees and contactees , such as John lennon ,hippies etc,etc,because when returned to this planet they have such  like christ minds etc.Alien minds.

However the goverments do nothing but encourage drug use etc, they are even responsible for a world wide drug binge.These drug abusers will require putting down before too long. I do not think there is a very strong case to call them victims any longer, as for 40 years it has been perfectly transparent, the negative side of drug use to self and others.Anyway there is not a licence  to harm yourself as some people like to think,( in your own home).


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