Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,

Genesis and Mind

The original nature of the mind is described in Genesis.Whether this is historical or whether we are born with original sin is in question.Both can be true, or at least apply to this scripture.The psychiatry in Genesis is in line with modern day psychiatry.Sight is lost and regained again after attaining knowledge.Sight being the objective of good mental health and inteligence.The normal member of a community should be aware that he is not sighted, in most circumstances.The societies norm therefore is that we do not see and this is considered the criteria that we can see, although it sounds contradictory.
The root of the forensics are seen here in that to be ignorant of the above, can activate risks that are not appropriately targetted.Thus cleints of the mental health system are not required to "get well" or see again.They are required to see that they do not "see".This software update removes the risk.
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