Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,


Mind is nature.It is male or female.A force in nauture.Mind is a product of space and time.With us, we are subject to conditions and we could say,place and time.Like a computer it processes information.Data is input to its 5 senses.This gives rise to sight.From sight his actions are determined.
Questions as to who you are have always arisen.Man is sight.He is what he sees.Mans purpose is sight.He is a natural product of space and time and is conditioned to see when put into any space or time,even if it is not natural.He has to proccess the information input with his concious mind.This is how nature works.
If information enters his mind that cannot be proccessed,it will cause a blockage in his"sight mechanism".He will loose his sight.In nature you cannot survive without sight (death) unless you find a guide.The meaning of religions,I suppose,is for the blind.
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