Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,

Sight and Inteligence.

We are all conditioned and subject to behaviour that results from these conditions in a way that is predicatable.Our brains take in information,process it and deliver the output as does a computer.We are said to be functioning normally to the conditions of our environment.Normal, sighted, mentally healthy members of a family or community.We are trained at school etc .We are given information to process which our brains can do and eventually given a job, which entails likewise the functioning brain.Whether this be a scientist,politician or milkman.We feel connected by this common experience and don't question it.
But really we are blind, and it is necessary to be so in order to function in this way.We are controlled by the information that we are given, therefore the output of this process is governed by input of information that does not have to be accurate.We are controlled therefore by whoever controls the information and the conditioning.As said, this can be predicted, once knowing human nature.We are a functioning programmed biological machine.We do not see.But we believe that we do.If we were to see outside of a conditioned environment with information that is natural and correct we would paint a different picture.Processing the correct information leads to a correct result from our "machine".The creators and the creation deliver proper sight and purpose and job.It will remove blindness.This is called inteligence.How do you? get on the ladder towards being intelligent?this is a good question.See things for what they are and see in an original way, without preconceived ideas and information.This is the answer.See yourself.Become intelligent.

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