Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,

Drug Psycholgy.New Age.

Drugs in my day were cannabis and LSD.
Drug users discovered the unknown and the hidden.Overcame the dark.It Therefore put the mind and conciousness into the light.The path of light, as it is called.This path when travelled along is known as the path of no return by the Indian Hindhus and mystics.This is because it has overcome the dark and has no necessity of returning into the mind state where all is unknown and hidden.It stays in the area where all is visable.(knowledge).It is said to be the path of enlightenment and final freedom from the wheel of becoming, the wheel of life.But smoking cannabis to move onto this path is artificial and has to be returned back onto the path of the unknown, the dark, to complete the knowledge naturally.It does not have the doors for thi return journey and therefore looses its mind to the forces of original nature.This is when drug use is no longer effective and the journey has come to an end.It is necessary to return into time, which means a time reincarnation, to once again become sighted.
Therefore drugs do not work.They give you an identity that cannot be maintained, and you loose both worlds because of it.
The wheel of life can be set up for either the path of light or the path of dark, but it has to do so through time incarnations and nature laws/systems, not artificially as has been attempted in the modern new age government effort.The natures involved in these two paths are much like second generations of adam and eve, they are not original natures. Original nature cannot be setup.Original nature requires complete light and dark knowledge.It is not really possible for original nature to copy the yogi christs or mystics path to escape the wheel of life.These are false religions.As are drugs.
Very few drug users have complete knowledge of the subject.And even fewer could get back to tell the story,if they did have a complete knowledge of the subject.It is an uncharted, incomplete area of human knowledge.An experience like 20 years detainment,such as I had puts me in this unique position, that is unlikely to be available elsewhere.
Much of the New World Order has been socially engineered on a psychiatry akin to drug or cannabis psychology, to mimic a hippy type system.Drugs have become mainstream and have had a major role in predicting the psychology for the predicted dawn of the Aquarian age.None of these people have the required knowledge for any of this interferance, although, it would not be possible to convince a cannabis user otherwise.It is known that world leaders are using drugs prolifically.It is known the philosophy behind the NWO originates and has been activated by the 3rd and 4th Reich, and that these Reich got to where they are by drug use.In fact the Blueprint for this engineered societies new age of Aquarius is based on cannabis, music and sex, alongside science and technology.

But our wise world leaders are not wise enough.They have made a disasterous miscalculation of nature.The entirety of drug cultures since the 60,s are requiring a new incarnation.Time incarnations.Which cannot be delivered.They have lost both worlds.A psychiatric disaster, and human tragedy on a large scale.The members of society that are not drug users still have been forced to jump through the same psychology loops and are written off as well.A large portion of the decisions made in architeching this new age were decisions based on the correctness of drug enlightenment.It is not possible to engineer,especially without knowledge.
It is a genocide, wherever this has occurred.NWO is death for all at best.Even for its government people,police, military and service people.
It is not possible to socially engineer time incarnations, or light and dark generations.I6bis unlikely that the knlwledge would be available by antbody,and if it were it is likely that it would be technically impossible
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