Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,

What,s The Matter?

Is ther something wrong with Mankind??
There very obviously something very seriously wrong and always has been.What is the use of pretending otherwise?
What have the religions being doing for thousands of years? Why do milions flock for salvation? Continuosly,throughout time?
Why is such a strong empahasis put on Christianity in the West for so long. We are in no doubt what its message is and what it refers too from the beginning.Just look at the Catholic countries and the Hindhu and Moslem cultures.

Yes something is the matter.With us and our mind,the majority of people.This is the Norm.

It runs closely inline with the discriptions in Genesis and other religions.
Our Bible tells us to take the path of knowledge, and suggests The New Testament to be the fulfillment of the knowledge.

It seems to me to be the same programn as is the Mental health program,an occupational thearapy, but in installments over a much longer period of time.
It seems something inbuilt into us is wrong.This suggests we are all mad, and that the Medical profession is out of place trying to quantify this "religious" programn.of what is mad and what is not.
They are as "mad" as anyone else,so how do they know what they are talking about? They dont.
Mind is nature.Ilness,s are as natural as any physical illnesses and can lead to death as any other physical illness,s can.The nature of mind is explained in Genesis.So is the nature of schizophrenia, but it will do no good to anyone.Treatment could not be delivered, in the same way as church vicar couldnt get his congregation to walk on water.
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