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January 8 2018, 18:54

Not Mad In Situo
You cannot possibly escape the severity of being so securely looked up and the machine,s reason for it.This being Schizophrenia .So therefore a classic situation is going arises,even if it is not so.You will be hard wired to the concept that you are mad. Not processing info properly.After a while.
A schizophrenic who knows he is so, is not mad.One who does not know it , is mad. This is one of the defining characteristics of the condition.
So, what I am inferring is that a Schiz who is "nicked", "bang to rights", is not mad.He is not really schiz, at this realization.The people locked up in special Hospitals are not really ill or mad.
No-one can except this.
They cant get out of the lunatic asylum,but they should.
Prison is the same.
You have to walk on the other side of the fence to know this.As with religion, you have to move on the other side to know God.The trouble is,, those walking on the other side cannot get back to shore to tell people this. Even if they did , no-one would listen.
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