Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,

Are Drug Addict Dangerous ?

Yes and no.basically. They are alien minds .
They develop into a disorder without any question whatsoever, after the initial honeymoon phase ,(of getting very high and addicted), and are used by other forces.
So they are not sighted and are in control.Their psychological profiles are of a severe psychotic, perhaps schizophrenia etc .And they are programmed to kill.This becomes distorted from a particular point of referance (which can be programmed into them), to almost anything,terrorist or such like.
However the ability to inflict damage is unavailable to them.They do not have the capability to do so.
If they do strike out at someone it would not be an accurately targeted action.A random act.So the great majority of the time they are not dangerous.The individual who is dangerous, is the sound mind, who knows exactly where to strike and this is what the government fear.The insane ones are not a threat.
Returning to the drug user, when assisted he or she can and will kill.So there are many influences and forces that assist and facilitate these cases to inflict damage and death, as in dangerous schizophrenia.
The MK Mind Control Program knows how to use these people to kill for them.In other words the police and the government.The mental health program does not treat people or try to cure them They run a program of drug control and programming.They are to work at specific tasks.The main activity is information carrying and processing .They are interacting with the MK Ultra computers and fulfil their tasks by this.They buse them to kill as well.They use them for anything whatsoever.
Although it is much differrant to what the forces of nature use them for as well, when not in control.
This is probably controlled from our computers by now as well.
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