Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,

What Is Schizophrenia ?

Is this still the big unsolved riddle ? No one understands what schizophrenia is?.
The Nobel prize would definately be on the table for some one who could deliver the answer.

But, alas, the answer if delivered would be no use.There is nothing that can be done for the 20th Century Schizoid Plague.
It is a disease born of nature.A knowledge virus.
A knowledge of Mans nature is required.The nature of the Human Genome is a factor.
We are all naturally loaded with Schizophrenia due to past nature events.
It is death.
It is a lot of things.
It is also the nature story written in Genesis.
It is not easy to pin it down.
It could be likened to the nature of Satan or the Devil or Messiah or Adolf Hitler.This where its dangerous reputation is.
In its first generation it goes on to Kill Abel for no apparent reason, and not long afterwards is so out of control that it is necessary to destroy humanity by the Flood.
Its solution in Genesis is suggested to be the path of knowledge delivered by repeated cycles of life and Death.But that does not define what it is.
My sugestion is that it is a knowledge virus fouling up the works the computer(brain).A knowledge that the human brain cannot process.That is not catered for in the human genome.
Why is this split brain condition so strongly linked with god and the devil etc ,by its sufferers ?
It might be because it is a disease of Alien origin,due to their control of our nature and evolution.
It being unnatural.But I still call it a Human knowledge virus, because even if there is an alien element it does not stop us from taking the issue to The Self,where functioning can continue.The knowledge can then be processed as death.Alien does not recognize death.To them it is a human construct and doesnt exist.
If you wish for support for this in Genesis knowledge,it indicates that many lives follow the eating from the knowledge tree.The tree of life insinuates there is also death The knowledge of good and evil that has to be eventually learned is that Good is the truth and leads to Eternal life in its final state.Evil is also a truth and delivers the truth of death.It infers the other every time it mentions one of these two truths it uses digital logic.
Therefore if you process schizophrenia as death . this is inline with eating from the tree of knowledge and collecting its left truth.If you follow the Genesis logic, the next step is reincarnation,to carry on the forward direction of the tree of life.You could say this is Abel fate.Perhaps it could be said that Cains fate is not death, but to deliver death to the source from whence his dose of schizophrenia came from.The eater of his tree of knowledge would be a legitimate target .Maybe that is Abel.?
It makes you wonder.But Cains Eve may be the legitimate target for the eater of his tree.This in bone fide nature knowledge that is written into genesis at a very profound level.You can start deducing the rest of it.

An "end of the world" psychology that is well written about.
A Total Breakdown of the central nervous system repeatedly and rebuild.
It is a condition that exists outside the normal checks and balances of nature.
It is shining a light on a nature out of control.
But no-one really knows what Schizophrenia is.
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