Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,

Process The Information

What is the information that the human brain requires to process,That which is input by its senses.Thinking about it at a deep level gives rise to asking what questions about the Cosmos Looking up at the n ight sky will beg the question and answer to Infinity and Eternity. sees it can only be said to arrive The concepts of Infinity and eternity are encountered in nature a great deal.They are significant in mathematics and science and cosmology.They say that the universe is infinite by measurement of light across a great distance.
How does the mind process the information or concept of Infinity and Eternity.It is a self realization. Nature is Infinte and Eternal and so is human nature.We are infinity and eternity.
This is the 64 million dollar question and answer.
We are all prisoners of Time and Space.There is no escape unless we can process this information.The key to the door is then available.
Life can evolve to step into the next dimension.
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