Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,

Designer kids/mental illness/connections.

The conditions of schiz,mental illness and other conditions,are a breakdown in the processing ofinputinto the mind and entailsthe recognitionof this errorof vision,so as the subject can become opertional again,with this operational progrm installed..Therefore thye blindness does not mistake itself from vision,and hopefully in the course of time correct its processing of data/information input, correctly.This is the psychiatric software program developed by the artificial inteligence progam, to discover the cure that can free itself from the imprisonment of its prblem.The reason being,that the creators themselves of this cure,the "doctor"cannot thewmselves do so.therefore the self correcting evolutionary chip of the cental scruinizing agency evolves to a higher authority.
Blindness and errors in the client of mental illness prevent functioning,therefore operational ability, and deliver grid-referance errors that are not acceptable,due to its inabillity to procees accurately the info/data input that triggerred the breakdown.The reason for this is that the input objective deliverred a "program"greater than the indeviduals abillity to process.i.e.a cns virus."A computer virus."The catch is that further processing that is required to solve the problem is scupperred by definition,operational abillity is neutralized.The requirement therefore to become functional againrequires the processing of the virus out of court one might say,
Shizophreneia,the classic case study,is the death of a nature due to thisd, and there is no such thing as a return to its former life, as there is no such thing as rising out of the cemetary coffin and going home to trea and breakfast for one deceased father.A failed lifetime,perhaps,but a new learning restart definitaley,into the world around the indevidual,to process and work out for itself in the same way as anyone else,from scratch.One hardly needs the past.These files have benn erased. The previous computer has crahed.
Drug treatments render processing errors inactive and the opo can operate at a basic level to work out his arithmetical equation of death,This would otherwise proceed forth by lifes arithjmetic or enviroments arithemetic,by definition., which is the crux of ther problem.Many say this is preferable, the predeliction of the client, others say that a new operational functionalabillity is preferrable,a new design operational indevidual.This new life form owes its dues to the hand that feeds,anf The Glaxo Drug company has its own designer child!The medical proffession is nowhere as stupid as people think.Designert babies , also being along side the self same lines, can pull the plug out of their life if they so wish.This is the alternative.The clockwork orange, as we know is required fore this power over life and death,deliverring the designer babies into the world with their determined software program,not to differrant to thje prducts of the mental health software program,"The Rebuild Program of Life".These "products are however the future of the creators themselves,who may find some sort of discomfort as their protignee go around stealing nicking , mobile phones and wreaking havoc to their enviroment.The software programs of their creators somewhat in error do in fact rely on them to self correct the computerized program,of their own design.This is evidence of the errors of the th eprogram and coclusively proves also the errors in the mental health program.AN indictment of the useage of the clockwork orangeand the Artificial Inteligence Program itself.The artificial inteligence program ,USSR,USA. UK, etc, has been arguing for some time , exactly how to return its illgotten money to to its source, and actually promotes programns so to do, evemn of it be to terrorists.Its very own programn , it knows . ahs programned its own, and others, extinction.THe computers are the first to realize the correct adding up, as are its opponents, funnilly enough.One might say that world government computer software programs are on the same side as the Terrorist world destruction movement.
The designer babies, presumeable know this, and are designed to eliminate their creator, by definiton.To redisign a successful life program is their goalSo the self corrective evolutionary artificial life inteligence systems rely on me and you to do so,I say the hyroglyph of who is ruling the world, shlpuld go to the othphan kid on the street.
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