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Drug Psychiatric Disorders

Like music delivered through an amplifier, drugs amplify the opening and wiring of the brain and mind.Especially true to the students of subculture using cannabis etc through amplified music and sounds.Drug users become hard wired to a differrant brain wiring to normal people.This change is permanent.This is unnatural.

Therefore when we are talking about the normal mental disorders that occur naturally we can find these same type of conditions in  what you might call and "Amplified"  circumstances in the drug user.Also all normal and natural mind states are also going to exist in the drug user in an"amplified " condition.Therefore we under stand what subculture terms as the machine Messiah. Such people as Bob Dylan, and subculture artists and musicians.These people , as do most dedicated cannabis, LSD, cocaine users, have Christ like minds.As psychologists know , expanded mind conditions are typically this, or Fuerer, ,or Judge type complexes. We cannnot deny the authenticity of these mind states at higher levels, albeit out of the norm and unusual. Distortion of these mind states deliver psychopathic disorders which we have all been educated about.

So when we consider the disorders that are pre-designated to happen in the drug user, we come across very severe psychopathic disorders.

Mind is a product of nature.Psychology is a study of nature.The nature of the mind..Human nature.Nowhere is this knowledge of nature more powerfully expounded , than in Genesis.The book of the mind.It is not without reason that it is written that "Enmity shall arise between his heel and hers.."It is a natural consequence  of opening natures mind.It is normal and natural, albeit , one might say ,"a disorder "strictly speaking.

Therefore one can look at the situation in psychopathically disordered people , these natural  tendancies can become dangerous.So in the drug user it can be enough to raise an alarm bell. But, however few psychologists have insight into this.Perhaps this is because so many are female.?

What I am saying and what I am trying to get at is the significance in nature of female dangerousness in the area of psychopathic disorders towards the male , and also children,when hard wired through the use on mind expanding drugs. The reason I say themale is not so dangerous in  the sam situation is that it is not neccassry in his psych to threaten the female. being naturally stronger he doesn need this instinct, but this is not so with the female mind,She sees it as neccassry to kill the male,because of this inborn nature instinct.(and children ? ).

It has now come to light that the situation is at crisis level in the mental health area, due to drug use, and sex abuses/crime.

This point about female dangerousness has always been covered up.
relationships with alien minds as drug users become, the fall outnis very dangerous.It is predictable that even many years after the separation that the female is psychopathically possessed with the need to kill her alien partner.This is not so with the male.For many years this requirement has been catered for by a killing field. Mostly so called criminal drug gangs operating , but really it is a police exercise.Murder in our society wholesale.These are illegal psychotic schizophrenic murders by the femaleand immature male accomplices,in reality.An indefinitely detainable offence by law.It is Satanism in fullswing in the name of our goverment and MI6 depts., showing how immature they really are in the area of higher intelligence.dangerous schizophrenically disordered Kids, playing with guns and dealing death.They are not fit to govern and definitely not fit to control wars such as middle east and dictate death with police and Army weapons.
The drug abuse and use dangers   need dealing with,it is a suicide path.

The point about male dangerousness has never been the same.It has been and still is, a false flag.The true source of this "dangerousness" is hidden by nature.It is the female who is dangerous,after the fall from the garden.The forces at play when Cain killed Abel were female-trying-to-kill-male, mistranslated by Cain,who killed Abel.A grid reference error.The first true schiz,therefore. 

The whole of the Western defence system and military strategy is rubbish.Defence requires to target the source of the attack, not the product.This is a higher strategy,but it is too late.

The whole damn thing about War and defence has always been orchestrated by the female.
If you look at the one about Satan or the Devil? Where are the roots for this , The femake.
So to go alttle further as to what are the roots to the one abot God.Iy once again must point in the same direction.So Take a closer look at Genesis. Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel and Noah.
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