Keeping in my the post below .A brain which can process the sensory input is understood by most people, but I am saying in this artificial enviroment, we all score the disorder delivered by the tree of knowledge.

Some say this may be the knowledge that describes schizophrenia.As in Adam and Eve, Genesis,But I don think so.The tree of knowledge probably isn't a knowledge virus, within the tree of life.It may be though, outside the tree of life.

I think it more likely to be attributed to a bit of information or knowledge that is fouling up the proceesing part of the brain because it is impossible to process.Therefore it could be a knowledge or information that is not of human nature.that has entered the brain.

A knowledge virus of some sort.

Schizophrenia is a death, but I would sugest a death at a higher level, not a primitive level, or a drug overdose.

Evil delivers death. Good does not. That is the definition of evil death.(but at a higher level).

The saying goes "The wages of sin are death, the wages of God are eternal life." 


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