The brain processes the sensory information a bit like a computer, and delivers the print out. Normal functioning has no problem in the conditioned mind.You may ask where is the diagnosis if we are all subject to original sin and the knowledge virus that it delivers.

Where is the sensory information input and  printout mistakes?.

These occur when the conditioned artificial environment is compromised.

The processing mistakes are there sure enough.

Is it sighted that we loose our sight?

Is it sighted that we never gain our sight?

The condition mind can function but only if the real conditions of life are not encountered. In other words we function in an artificial environment only.

 We can only live under certain conditions. Laws.

Laws and conditions  for human beings need to be related to human nature,which is male and female.

It is very significant that the bible brings up straight away the subject of  good and evil.

Sex and Killing straight away are dealt with,.Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. Conditions and a compulsory response ,(compelled by nature), of work, child birth  and life.These are the basic conditions that are compulsory .As to Cain this is not punished other than expelled from Cainan to live in the land of Nod East of Eden, and likewise work , child birth and the tree of life.

It is compelled by nature that Cain kills.It is not against the law,It is the law.

Life and death are suggested to be under stood at higher levels to explain the evolution that is suggested in genesis and the bible.But life and death at higher are not easy to attain for a human nature and therefore mortality has to be considered as a fact of life .So referring back to Cain and Abel and back to the knowledge of good and evil, we are left  in a position where we have to accept  the less  appealing facts of life. Remembering that Adam and Eve lifespan was about 950 years and that our lifespan is now a mere 70 years..Assuming future generations come from past generations it may be that mortality has been introduced by intelligent design for a good reason.Not only Cain and Abel, but marriage is a lifelong pairbond, and this also signifies mortality, of a sort built ,into those 70 years of a lifespan, as a way of repeating the nature cycle in  an upward learning process.Evolution.

A lot of uncertainty on the following point exists and I have heard many people endorse the view that I am supporting.The pairbonding in human males and females is designed  to last a lifetime for the purpose of teaching and bring up a family.Reproduction.It is genetic.It cannot be altered.In built a part of our survival fro reproducing the species successfully.There is only one bite of the cherry.But people will carry on creating the truth to suit their own addictions.Catholics endorse this view incidently.They are no wrong.Mortality does separate each reproductive lifetime.Sice this genetic truth is apparrant it does contradictsthe argument in genesis a bit, suggesting  our purpose has always been reproductive and not quite as stated in the tree of knowledge scenario.It  points towards interferance in  our evolution at this time,by God, the gods or more likely by extraterrestials taking control of our nature.Through our reproductive politic and our food politic.They have struck at the central forces of our nature,food and sex.They control humans in this way as does the computer or AI.We are slaves.

It is supposed to quicken our evolution.

The point that one has to arrives at ,is to take it to a point where you kill at a more civilized level, ie for instance kill with a prison sentence.That is the meaning in genesis.Complete fools in our society cant work out the laws of human nature, .

My hypothesis , as differs from a lot of the eastern beliefs is that idealy our evolution comes from our male female partners each life time followed by mortality and a new suitable , and higher lesson , being resumed in our next life, from the choice of a higher, more evolved teacher/partner.It does require mortality between lessons.

The knowledge of good and evil is on the menu.Fools try to preach that only a good knowledge is acceptable.You can read into Adam and Eves tree of knowledge that good and evil live forever by the tree of life,not just good.Also that God or Gods are both good and evil, thus life will go on forever whether or not you are good are evil. 

Better to say the right and the left handpath.

The full knowledge that will be learned is that evil is good and good is evil.There is no dichotomy and the brain will therefore process the sensory information and deliver a correct printout.

My belief is that schizophrenia will be when knowledge input is  from non human nature and therefore the brain cannot process.

It can be seen from genesis that good and evil is delivered  in the package of Adam and Eve, and there fore is sensory information of human nature.It is not delivered within the package of Cain and Abel. Adam and Eves children, in the living of their life, Cain and Abel are a corruption of the previous generation, and Cain has targeted Abel mistakenly.His real target would have been Eve.But this is why they need knowledge because Adam and Eve,(nature), need to deal with itself at a higher level.

This is compelled by their human nature.(thus the meaning of god putting enmity between her seed and his heel.)Like football or rugby there is no other way for the human race to battle it out except in contest with each other and by life, with marriage and childbirth ,and it does need to be at a higher level.

Nature is like matter and anti matter.This is the same with male and female. 

They are designed to  dematerialize each other.

Nature is mutually assured destruction if not understood.

The new testament mention that higher knowledge, which we are supposed to attain eventually.


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