Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,

My Little Shout About It.

This p[age shines a light on my specialized study, forensic psychiatry, from the other side of the fence, but none the less a well studied area, since I have been detained and treated under the mental health act for 20 years, since 1979 until 1996.I have witnessed the mushroom ing growth and adherance to this philosophy/system and the full scale arrival of our psychiatric statE, thought control machine and model village type knock up of sociaty , built on the tenplate developed in such institutions. Also the downfull thereof which is recently manifested itself, the corruption, malpractises, also have not escaped my attention nor the legal side of this system.It has well gone into decay due to the systems inabillity to maintain a machine of institutions and materialize high ideal paperwork, developed in the laboratory and classroom, into a practical working formula.
I have seen the changing health acts passed through parliment, with ever increasing draconian powers, and the public paranoas, if not shizoprenias, manifest.
The ever increasing expenditure and attention to an unhealthy degree, and I also have the clear in sight to seperate the propaganda from the realities.
The conditions that are treated , I have been able to study at first hand and the way programs deal with them. Drug treatments, and changing drug technologies as well.
This area has become from a relatively low profile in the 70, to huge hysteria of mass proportions in public awAreness.
The extent of mental illness has been increasing at an aLarming rate since these timeS, but behold, the problem is not within the walls of the institution it is without. The mass programs that the social depARtment engineered society with, had its roots deeply inbedded in this program and has basically deliverd a mass epidemic of severe forensic mental illness throught this country and America, as well as much of the world, that has been living of this power base.

The system which was invested in with every cent that society had, had its roots and foudation built on sand . It is now a total disaster, and leaves no room for the future of society.

This page however is not a complaints and grumbling arena, but a place of discusion of psychology and psychiatry at working mans levels and higher levels, such as compositions and workings of the biochemical treatments etc.
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