There is no way to solve the issues encountered by the mind that is struck with a program that terminates the processing ability of its brain.i.e. a knowledge virus.

Exactly what is outline in that book of psychiatry in Genesis.

Genesis theorise that you should get down to a bit of work and move on , go forward, eat of the tree of life. Exact  same thing as psychiatry today dictates.

But there is no cure. Much later on the bible dictates through the new testament as to the solution, after learning lifes lessons."Lest you become like gods."

It is quite clear therefore that we are all born with original sin and are diagnosable for a condition for which there is no cure.

So therefore theoretically speaking it is possible for an intelligent shrink to nut-off anyone whatsoever, quite legitimately. especially if he turns over two or three pages to see Cain and Able.Eve too.

We all have to carry out our "occupational theorapy"

So exact same thing psychiatry today and genesis.No big deal its always been the same.

We are not going to arrive at the new testament and walk on water so we might as well forget about any ideas of recovery.


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