Collective Conciousness and Genesis

Is there such a thing as a healthy mind.?

 I don't know if collective consciousness is applicable any more or whether we have lost our connection with ourselves.

We are very much biological computers  attached to our digital intelligence.AI.

Are we now AI.? All  digital world people are. System people.That includes Military, Police, Governments.Bankers.etc

Looking at the machine technology again.

It is a machine built on the science from the physics and mathematics .

Theoretical physics, binary mathematics.

Seeing technology for what it is would be the only way of escaping the machine.Back to the question of psychiatry, our mind and collective consciousness, Are we talking about a physicist or a psychiatrist.?

Therefore the definition of psychiatry has changed.The Human mind is now hard wired to science and technology The Unified Field Theory. The Theory of Everything.

It will be hard wired to the genome as well.

Therefore we would have to know either Everything or Nothing for our brains to function .

This is what bit said in Genesis to Adam and Eve, having eaten of the Tree of Knowledge, must learn the knowledge of good and evil so as to become like the gods,your own god.(through life.).The knowledge is the knowledge of Nature.(Human nature).

The Bible is vehicle  manual . It is a book of Psychiatry.

 (there no such thing as God in the bible it  states "gods" i.e many ,of which we also are one .)

As to who and how the bible was written .It promotes an interference with mans evolution by the gods( or extraterrestials) , therefore indicates alien influence in the writing of the bible.So if man did write it, it would have been from a biased or brain washed point of view from his own god platform, which would be connected with gods or aliens.My conclusion is that it was written by alien through mans hand.There fore it would make sense that we have been controlled  to quicken our evolution.Call it God.

Cain (and Abel) were not creations of the genetic material alone of Adam and Eve, but it is written that they came from god.Again  supporting capture  humans  by gods ie extraterrstials .

The lifelong pairbonding of the male and female  supports  a genetic proof that man evolves through nature by repeated mortalities as does woman to evolve by one reproducing partner per lifetime.The purpose being reproduction and extended learning times for the continuation and evolution of the human species.This is contradictory to the truth of genesis.It confirms that we have been hijacked and controlled  through our food and our sex force,This is the case now , by computer systems. AI.

Genetic study disproves genesis truth, but we will not be able do anything about the  overall control of mankind by ET. Therefore the truth that will prevail is the genesis truth.

We cannot have the exactly accurate truth at this stage of our evolution, due to ET politics which we cannot over ride. Man has been living in an artificial environment since these times to an increasing extent, whereby he could no longer survive naturally.He no longer is his own master,much more with the exponentially so with the silicon revolution.We would be helpless in natural enviroment, a deconditioned enviroment.We are extinct.Part machine part man, since farming began 10,000 years ago, no doubt by intelligent design.

ET  has us on the dinner plate.The gods have invited us to evolve and join the club.

If you look at other evolutions on earth i.e.trees, have been evolving for 3/400 million years? it stands to reason that they are not only better adapted to survive but should be far advanced in their evolution than us.Other creatures and animals as well.We are out of the game and there fore in the survival stakes we are well behind the life forms on earth that do survive.Trees have finished there evolution a long time ago, yet they do not take off with technology attachments to other solar systems.They are already there and in other dimensions.They do not die and leave their enviromemnt when evolved , they become as gods,andcontinue their work, they are promoted another dimension.Our alien or God experience can only, at best quicken our evolution to return us to our local environment.To be there as well.We are a piece of technology in our own  right.We do not need machines, as it is with other evolved life.We are a machine already.

A point to make  about religion , by the bible, Genesis, is ,in genesis after the story of Adam and Eve, Cain  and Abel, you come  quickly to the story of Noah.This is in the first few pages of the book..The earth being full of wickedness of mankind, god wishes to destroy man.After going to these lengths of teaching knowledge through the tree of life.It seems a bit odd .If the human race is a right off as this,  what hope is there.The whole damn thing was no good.? To me that says finite.The beginning and the end of religion all within the first chapter.What is the rest of it about? 

How can it be come any better next time, if the basic original build was a failure.?

Everything is in Genesis.

What comes next, again in Genesis.The Tower of Bable and the decision to confound the languages of all the races on earth so they could not understand each other.Prior to this presuemably  all humans could communicate freely.OK , Take animals. Foxes, cats, dogs, cats etc they are fine communicating with each other.They are telepathic.All living things are telepathically communicating.So what it must be talking about in the confounding of the langauges ,is the removal of our natural ability to communicate (telepathy), and introducing an information technique based on sound ie talking was introduced, developed differrantly across the nations.It the process of programing us that Genesis describes.Not so much the introduction of a truth of God, as a loss of a truth of God.

If you compare a creature that has evolved naturally, a cat , a dolphin, an elephant, a lion,tiger puma, jaguar, a tree ,to our balls up, we don't compare to these amazing creatures.

Original sin represents the the breaking down of the central nervous system of the human and the subsequent intelligent reconstruction of it to suit the design of  ET, through the developing of information transfer through sound and writing etc , farming, simplifying things to control its time and space . Territorial conquest (mind)?If you look at recent activity our time and space has been transferred over to the digital chip, the computer or iphone.Our mind, is our time and space, has now it has gone.we are a machine . A Cyborg.

Although you could liken a logical machine to a mathematical exercise and therefore a universal or impartial controller,I am guessing that the bottom line is going to be an Alien controller.

The baghavad gita is as relevant as  the bible and an intersting verse states with just as much authority that not one in very many million souls actually knows "god".It is saying that a negligible amount of people are reached by religion .This does ring true of all religions.Where are the 500 million people world wide who should be living in Utopia on earth hiding every generation ?and doing the good work?

Its a mistake.

The controllers in my opinion have altered important verses in the bible, especially the Romans.The verse slipped into genesis , which refers to "the man leaves his parents therefore and cleaves to his wife"  , I think was added to influence social control . probably by Rome.

5,000 years ago the was a small population,prbably a bit anarchistic in terms of laws and retrictions,not much need of social control or marriage or a matriarchial setup to subjucate males.But this is not the case in such a place as Rome 3,000 years later,where you have to control the male population by their women or else set up the sort of Empire that Gengis Khan set up.

 I think adam and eve is sufficient explanation of male and female..This is supported by what turns out a little later in Genesis, a bad society or humanity that he had to destroy in the flood.If they were in  order matriarchal society, this would not have happened.there fore It may be that marriage was not meant to be in this new situation .I may be wrong.But additionally it states that adams desire shall be to god whilst Eve is  to Adam.suggesting this is not a matriarchial system.Also such a marriage system does not give much licence to the idea of learning the values of good and evil as otherwise would be the case.

I think it has been tampered with quite a lot.Also we know  that there is one bite of the cherry, which adam and eve supposedly have exhausted with original sin.So marriage would  have be a conditioned and artificial institution to follow on from that..The Jesus,s comment on marriage, "what God has joined together let no man cast asunder".(what alien has joined ?).this is not quite in line with the genesis description, "man shall cleave to his wife.."but not conclusive against either .

The pair bonding is an accident waiting to happen and its going to be present in everyone,The question is who, s going to pull the trigger?You are certainly going to learn something, ( by your mistakes).but whether it is the best environment to evolve knowledge ?I am not convinced about the comment in genesis about marriage.

In a natural environment ,man is  going to be defensive for , protection of family, self defence etc..We are programmed to kill, such as in these circumstances as are all animals.For food mating and defending situations..the female it would seem would be dependant on a male for defence and must have control of that defence at least in respect of offsprings defence.There must be a mechanism built in male/female genetically .So when alien interferrance starts where does it direct those mating defending genetics.?adam and eve and cain and abel.Those basic instincts are locked into that program but it doesn't exactly fit.Genesis cannot fit those reproductive pairbonding politics into the one lifetime genetic program.It has held up a carrot and a stick for the next 5,000 years  to fulfil those original one life time forces.So what once worked perfectly no longer works.Human is now renamed Mankind.They are no longer evolving on earth, They are coming from another solar system from this time on.Alien.We are alien evolution for the last 5,000 years if not a lot more. To build a so called civilization, tower blocks and skyscrapers ?Who for ?No good to us  and our  evolution.Being used for colonization of earth?


Buddhists say that we are re-incarnated back into nature which would mean earth nature, it could be that we may be returned as  another species on earth to continue evolving in our nature.Anything would be possible, something not so attractive maybe.if we loose the species of human being.


So to the question of psychiatry, you could weigh it up with science and with human nature , as  to where we stand with our mind and collective consciousness.I don't think we should move into being a Cyborg, with our iphones and laptops.


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