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The massive investment on containing the dangers of schizophrenia, which rampaged after the introduction of drugs into the Uk,had the opposite effect, they may as well invested in d3liverring it to everybody. This is the size of the mistake, that I am now publishing for the very first time. I dont know if anyone, up till now has done this.
One of the key and certain ways of spreading schizophrenia, is by sex. In this way it is definatively and catorgorically passed on to the politics of this indevidual. There. is no getting awy from this stark fact.The seventies , saw an explosion, as the sixties promiscuity introduced, and huge and l,massive investment went into maintaining the defences of the female with propaganda that mad axemen of schizophrenic propensities were on the loose.all the kings horses were mustered to defend tese damsels in danger, but they were in fact the carriers of the schizophrenia virus.Whilst the world for the next 25 years endeavoured to contain this dangerous schizophrenia, (the mad axeman), it ravished society if not the whole world, because of the predilcations for sex , which peole like, especially for nothing.So they renamed the promiscuity as liberation, freedom and enlightenment,and those that were not afflicted with mental illhealth enjoyed themselves,and created an enviroment suitable for the mushrooming spread of schizophrenia.
So far from containing the desease by targetting the male, it spread the desaese, which was not contained WHATSOEVER, AND NEVER CAN BE,, ESPECIALLY NOW. THEIR IS A WORLD WIDE MASS EPIDEMIC OF SCHIZOPHRENIA.
A toatl nature problem, not just one half of (a). nature.
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