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If as is said,it is a death of a nature and a breakdown in "seeing', can a new nature or repair of "seeong"processes be established.As in Freud or Jung programs.?
To see yourself,is a make sense of yourself and the world again,as oppose to picking up from the sensory world around you.
1.The key area to a breakdown in nature is the "Pair Bonding Biology".After the experience is assimilated, learnt,nature provides new reproductive chances, if both the pair are at this area.So on psychological grounds within the correct age framework a new nature can be formulated.This would be possible for some mental breakdownsthat were based on a pair-bonding pollitic.It will not work on a cut-both-ways,warrior politic, which will require natural re-incarnation. So this is the approximate area of schizophrenia.Their have been no known cures.
"Seeing requires processing of the "fly-in-the-ointment"input.As does treatment.
Schiz is a bad one because the problem input is Total.Total seeing to cure the client is an imposible option.This is the requirement.Why not "wire up " with a new nature? as treatment programs do.?Because in this, the Pairbonding area is used, and a "Total situation is reformed.This Will simply trigger the inbuilt condition like a house on fire.Completely contradictory to the goal of not only "curing" the condition, but to the self-correcting of the person, contradictory to his freedom .It will ensure continuing detention/imprisonment and re-offending, and relapse situations.
It is technically a rape of the client, who damn well knows it, with the resulting mind damage on top of an already bad condition,adds to his/her sentance it is criminal and against the law..,in a big way , as is any rape case,The psychology of such is well known to render an indevidual for a lifetimes treatment by a shrink, and this is the unavoidable arithematic of this situatiuon. Crime is imprisonable not only by law but in life itself, law being based at roots , as a guide to life.
Therefore we cannot escape the arithmatic of a humans mind, its gentiics or anything else in psychiatry,if a succesful job is to be done. Also,it should not leave itself open to be punished by laws. Unwitingly or not there is a lashback, cause and effect , possibly internally, rather than as one may assume, externally.Detramental and counterproductive all round.

A cure for Schiz,most people of a holistic inclination,say is to see again by rebound to a new nature,they say that it is simply a lied to nature, That to continue this nature in its lie form is the correct action. But,it does not work, because the self same "pairbond" glue neccesasry, is broken.Its a fraudulant copy of the first nature, and as such cannot deliver its task.A way of avoiding the problem because they are blind.
Total problems need total answers, and this illness is a problem of a "Total Nature".Total knowledge of nature is required to enable it to "see" again.Further more no-one can define exactly what it should see, in this eventuality, even the wise men who already see,cannot actually see the total knowledge of nature yet.It would not be recognised if a cure occured, Similarly, by definition, it is not possible to recognize in one self that the illness exists.As for the profession, its a suicide job, because if this illness is seen, the information would similarly have to be processed, total knowledge of Nature, it would lead to schizophrenia, as well.
Shizophrenia is also contageous, this has been denied by the text books, but they are in error. It is no less than a contageous virus of the mind,(Nature,,mind is nature), and can be transmitted in certain ways by nature, and it delivers death by nature.
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