Psychiatry (ham_psychiatry) wrote,


The New Age is fundementally floored in its assumption that Truth can explode into the world, or that The New Age can be any more virtuous or right than the old age.A conditioned world is a neccessity by definition and the best it could do is re-arrange the conditioning of the old world around in approximately equal and opposite measure, to paint its basically the same "Differant Picture".
No more than A new coat of paint, or disguise on the old world.
A complete balls- up by do gooders.

Social experimentation to this effect and medling with the minds of the peolple that, Psychiatry,s institutes have delivered in the name of political correctness, and on the strength of their few years at college, has pruduced a harvest of severely forensically disturbed minds, and are themselves in no way immune from the self same mental illhealth.
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