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Sight and Inteligence.

We are all conditioned and subject to behaviour that results from these conditions in a way that is predicatable.Our brains take in information,process it and deliver the output as does a computer.We are said to be functioning normally to the conditions of our environment.Normal, sighted, mentally healthy members of a family or community.We are trained at school etc .We are given information to process which our brains can do and eventually given a job, which entails likewise the functioning brain.Whether this be a scientist,politician or milkman.We feel connected by this common experience and don't question it.
But really we are blind, and it is necessary to be so in order to function in this way.We are controlled by the information that we are given, therefore the output of this process is governed by input of information that does not have to be accurate.We are controlled therefore by whoever controls the information and the conditioning.As said, this can be predicted, once knowing human nature.We are a functioning programmed biological machine.We do not see.But we believe that we do.If we were to see outside of a conditioned environment with information that is natural and correct we would paint a different picture.Processing the correct information leads to a correct result from our "machine".The creators and the creation deliver proper sight and purpose and job.It will remove blindness.This is called inteligence.How do you? get on the ladder towards being intelligent?this is a good question.See things for what they are and see in an original way, without preconceived ideas and information.This is the answer.See yourself.Become intelligent.

Drug Psycholgy.New Age.

Drugs in my day were cannabis and LSD.
Drug users discovered the unknown and the hidden.Overcame the dark.It Therefore put the mind and conciousness into the light.The path of light, as it is called.This path when travelled along is known as the path of no return by the Indian Hindhus and mystics.This is because it has overcome the dark and has no necessity of returning into the mind state where all is unknown and hidden.It stays in the area where all is visable.(knowledge).It is said to be the path of enlightenment and final freedom from the wheel of becoming, the wheel of life.But smoking cannabis to move onto this path is artificial and has to be returned back onto the path of the unknown, the dark, to complete the knowledge naturally.It does not have the doors for thi return journey and therefore looses its mind to the forces of original nature.This is when drug use is no longer effective and the journey has come to an end.It is necessary to return into time, which means a time reincarnation, to once again become sighted.
Therefore drugs do not work.They give you an identity that cannot be maintained, and you loose both worlds because of it.
The wheel of life can be set up for either the path of light or the path of dark, but it has to do so through time incarnations and nature laws/systems, not artificially as has been attempted in the modern new age government effort.The natures involved in these two paths are much like second generations of adam and eve, they are not original natures. Original nature cannot be setup.Original nature requires complete light and dark knowledge.It is not really possible for original nature to copy the yogi christs or mystics path to escape the wheel of life.These are false religions.As are drugs.
Very few drug users have complete knowledge of the subject.And even fewer could get back to tell the story,if they did have a complete knowledge of the subject.It is an uncharted, incomplete area of human knowledge.An experience like 20 years detainment,such as I had puts me in this unique position, that is unlikely to be available elsewhere.
Much of the New World Order has been socially engineered on a psychiatry akin to drug or cannabis psychology, to mimic a hippy type system.Drugs have become mainstream and have had a major role in predicting the psychology for the predicted dawn of the Aquarian age.None of these people have the required knowledge for any of this interferance, although, it would not be possible to convince a cannabis user otherwise.It is known that world leaders are using drugs prolifically.It is known the philosophy behind the NWO originates and has been activated by the 3rd and 4th Reich, and that these Reich got to where they are by drug use.In fact the Blueprint for this engineered societies new age of Aquarius is based on cannabis, music and sex, alongside science and technology.

But our wise world leaders are not wise enough.They have made a disasterous miscalculation of nature.The entirety of drug cultures since the 60,s are requiring a new incarnation.Time incarnations.Which cannot be delivered.They have lost both worlds.A psychiatric disaster, and human tragedy on a large scale.The members of society that are not drug users still have been forced to jump through the same psychology loops and are written off as well.A large portion of the decisions made in architeching this new age were decisions based on the correctness of drug enlightenment.It is not possible to engineer,especially without knowledge.
It is a genocide, wherever this has occurred.NWO is death for all at best.Even for its government people,police, military and service people.
It is not possible to socially engineer time incarnations, or light and dark generations.I6bis unlikely that the knlwledge would be available by antbody,and if it were it is likely that it would be technically impossible

Experimental Laboratories

Mental hospitals and secure units (including prisons) are experimental (psychology) laborories for the human race.This is where the social engineering and programs have been worked out for many years.A complete balls up, we can all agree.
They are not there for the purpose of curing the patients.Patients are guinea pigs who have been donated to science.The real clientel that are being detained and controlled in those places are the general public and society itself.
They are the ones on the operating table, little do they realize it, until its too late.

What,s The Matter?

Is ther something wrong with Mankind??
There very obviously something very seriously wrong and always has been.What is the use of pretending otherwise?
What have the religions being doing for thousands of years? Why do milions flock for salvation? Continuosly,throughout time?
Why is such a strong empahasis put on Christianity in the West for so long. We are in no doubt what its message is and what it refers too from the beginning.Just look at the Catholic countries and the Hindhu and Moslem cultures.

Yes something is the matter.With us and our mind,the majority of people.This is the Norm.

It runs closely inline with the discriptions in Genesis and other religions.
Our Bible tells us to take the path of knowledge, and suggests The New Testament to be the fulfillment of the knowledge.

It seems to me to be the same programn as is the Mental health program,an occupational thearapy, but in installments over a much longer period of time.
It seems something inbuilt into us is wrong.This suggests we are all mad, and that the Medical profession is out of place trying to quantify this "religious" programn.of what is mad and what is not.
They are as "mad" as anyone else,so how do they know what they are talking about? They dont.
Mind is nature.Ilness,s are as natural as any physical illnesses and can lead to death as any other physical illness,s can.The nature of mind is explained in Genesis.So is the nature of schizophrenia, but it will do no good to anyone.Treatment could not be delivered, in the same way as church vicar couldnt get his congregation to walk on water.

An Extract From my Patmoor Article

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January 8 2018, 18:54

Not Mad In Situo
You cannot possibly escape the severity of being so securely looked up and the machine,s reason for it.This being Schizophrenia .So therefore a classic situation is going arises,even if it is not so.You will be hard wired to the concept that you are mad. Not processing info properly.After a while.
A schizophrenic who knows he is so, is not mad.One who does not know it , is mad. This is one of the defining characteristics of the condition.
So, what I am inferring is that a Schiz who is "nicked", "bang to rights", is not mad.He is not really schiz, at this realization.The people locked up in special Hospitals are not really ill or mad.
No-one can except this.
They cant get out of the lunatic asylum,but they should.
Prison is the same.
You have to walk on the other side of the fence to know this.As with religion, you have to move on the other side to know God.The trouble is,, those walking on the other side cannot get back to shore to tell people this. Even if they did , no-one would listen.

see Patmoor Journal and articles , click this link.

Are Drug Addict Dangerous ?

Yes and no.basically. They are alien minds .
They develop into a disorder without any question whatsoever, after the initial honeymoon phase ,(of getting very high and addicted), and are used by other forces.
So they are not sighted and are in control.Their psychological profiles are of a severe psychotic, perhaps schizophrenia etc .And they are programmed to kill.This becomes distorted from a particular point of referance (which can be programmed into them), to almost anything,terrorist or such like.
However the ability to inflict damage is unavailable to them.They do not have the capability to do so.
If they do strike out at someone it would not be an accurately targeted action.A random act.So the great majority of the time they are not dangerous.The individual who is dangerous, is the sound mind, who knows exactly where to strike and this is what the government fear.The insane ones are not a threat.
Returning to the drug user, when assisted he or she can and will kill.So there are many influences and forces that assist and facilitate these cases to inflict damage and death, as in dangerous schizophrenia.
The MK Mind Control Program knows how to use these people to kill for them.In other words the police and the government.The mental health program does not treat people or try to cure them They run a program of drug control and programming.They are to work at specific tasks.The main activity is information carrying and processing .They are interacting with the MK Ultra computers and fulfil their tasks by this.They buse them to kill as well.They use them for anything whatsoever.
Although it is much differrant to what the forces of nature use them for as well, when not in control.
This is probably controlled from our computers by now as well.

What Is Schizophrenia ?

Is this still the big unsolved riddle ? No one understands what schizophrenia is?.
The Nobel prize would definately be on the table for some one who could deliver the answer.

But, alas, the answer if delivered would be no use.There is nothing that can be done for the 20th Century Schizoid Plague.
It is a disease born of nature.A knowledge virus.
A knowledge of Mans nature is required.The nature of the Human Genome is a factor.
We are all naturally loaded with Schizophrenia due to past nature events.
It is death.
It is a lot of things.
It is also the nature story written in Genesis.
It is not easy to pin it down.
It could be likened to the nature of Satan or the Devil or Messiah or Adolf Hitler.This where its dangerous reputation is.
In its first generation it goes on to Kill Abel for no apparent reason, and not long afterwards is so out of control that it is necessary to destroy humanity by the Flood.
Its solution in Genesis is suggested to be the path of knowledge delivered by repeated cycles of life and Death.But that does not define what it is.
My sugestion is that it is a knowledge virus fouling up the works the computer(brain).A knowledge that the human brain cannot process.That is not catered for in the human genome.
Why is this split brain condition so strongly linked with god and the devil etc ,by its sufferers ?
It might be because it is a disease of Alien origin,due to their control of our nature and evolution.
It being unnatural.But I still call it a Human knowledge virus, because even if there is an alien element it does not stop us from taking the issue to The Self,where functioning can continue.The knowledge can then be processed as death.Alien does not recognize death.To them it is a human construct and doesnt exist.
If you wish for support for this in Genesis knowledge,it indicates that many lives follow the eating from the knowledge tree.The tree of life insinuates there is also death The knowledge of good and evil that has to be eventually learned is that Good is the truth and leads to Eternal life in its final state.Evil is also a truth and delivers the truth of death.It infers the other every time it mentions one of these two truths it uses digital logic.
Therefore if you process schizophrenia as death . this is inline with eating from the tree of knowledge and collecting its left truth.If you follow the Genesis logic, the next step is reincarnation,to carry on the forward direction of the tree of life.You could say this is Abel fate.Perhaps it could be said that Cains fate is not death, but to deliver death to the source from whence his dose of schizophrenia came from.The eater of his tree of knowledge would be a legitimate target .Maybe that is Abel.?
It makes you wonder.But Cains Eve may be the legitimate target for the eater of his tree.This in bone fide nature knowledge that is written into genesis at a very profound level.You can start deducing the rest of it.

An "end of the world" psychology that is well written about.
A Total Breakdown of the central nervous system repeatedly and rebuild.
It is a condition that exists outside the normal checks and balances of nature.
It is shining a light on a nature out of control.
But no-one really knows what Schizophrenia is.

Process The Information

What is the information that the human brain requires to process,That which is input by its senses.Thinking about it at a deep level gives rise to asking what questions about the Cosmos Looking up at the n ight sky will beg the question and answer to Infinity and Eternity. sees it can only be said to arrive The concepts of Infinity and eternity are encountered in nature a great deal.They are significant in mathematics and science and cosmology.They say that the universe is infinite by measurement of light across a great distance.
How does the mind process the information or concept of Infinity and Eternity.It is a self realization. Nature is Infinte and Eternal and so is human nature.We are infinity and eternity.
This is the 64 million dollar question and answer.
We are all prisoners of Time and Space.There is no escape unless we can process this information.The key to the door is then available.
Life can evolve to step into the next dimension.

Know Everything or Nothing

Know Everything or Nothing.
Those that have jumped in at the deep end will verify this, much as it is said in Gennesis about Adam and Eve.They must have jumped in at the deep end.
Not only is this true in life, but it is true in science.
It is easier to know nothing.In fact it is an absolute must.
It really is not possible to know everything.The brain is only built to process information by the geneome that evolved on a planet earth ecosystem.If foriegn information or knowledge has to be processed, the brain will break down.Cease to function.Become blocked.It is only allowed to know itself.

Order and Disorder

If a person has a "disorder", it means he also has an "order",At source it is an "order" with an added issue,So you cannot get rid of a disorder, without getting rid of the order.Being hard wired differrantly to such , means it cannot be changed back.It has to be given a new condition (as was the original order was given in its beginning).
So the drug and pill treatment is no good.It wont return back to the "order",or "get well", as is promised on the tin.
A bit like the psychology of the bible chapters through from the beginning onwards.It wont get well to be able to return to the "garden".
It basically has to skip to the next chapter .Reincarnation.
If you study genesis carefully it doesn't actually say that after eating from the tree of knowledge we immediately skip into the tree of life as Adam and Eve and have children.It basically starts out with the prouct of the garden which is the result of that first incident.We are introduced into the book as Cain and Abel.The first generation.This is where the game kicks off.This is chapter one.Otherwise one has to assume Adam and Eve didn't need to attain knowledge through further chapters, and launched straight into the game.If this was the case you wouldnt have needed chapter one ( Cain and Abel) and the rest of the knowledge chapters.It is delivering the knowledge of reincarnation,.Most important verses of genesis have several levels of meaning, if you look into them so as to deliver knowledge to those who have an eye to see, and not to those who are not ready to know.Safeguarding powerfull information.Lock and key.

If you take what I have just said to another level you could consider the next argument for interpreting hidden meaning in the text of Genesis.
Cain is expelled into the Land of Nod , east of Eden from Cainan, and meets a wife that springs from nowhere , without explanation, as their wives seem to do.So where does the female lineage enter into Adam and Eve and Cain and Able?Read it like this.The book is written from a male angle and what applies to the goose applies to the gander.The politics female will be a mirror image and equal to of the male explanation.They will be the same.
It doesn't seem to explain the mechanics by which reincarnation operates at the surface level, but you could assume that one of the original mechanisms is suggested in the killing of Abel.Death in such a fashion leading to rebirth.If the female politics and knowledge is a mirror image, then how the next generation of females arrived i.e. Cains wife, then maybe that was a result of a rebirth from a physical death.
Physical death is the neccassary for transferring to the next life.Reincarnation.
An example of unlocking information hidden in the text.
If you want further support for this interptretation , look at the natural world of pair and mating amongst the animal kingdom and the genetics thereof.Humans mate for life for the prolonged rearing of children.They are genetically programed only for this. They cannot survive in nature any other way.So in other words, genetically,in nature, lifetimes of humans (and some other species) are seperated by death.
One mating is one lifetime only,by nature.This is the strict law of nature in a completely natural environment (which we are not subject too now.).
Although to most it seems a bit harsh, the Catholic Church still stick to this knowledge.Is cant be denied as the truth.
Many people disagree with this, but I would say that it does not apply in an unnatural world. This I would agree.But it is one of natures laws.It is applicable in a natural world that doesnt have safe guards to protect it from natural results, i.e death by nature.
Those that don't agree say that a psychological death is the higher, more civilizedway of travelling through this space.They are therefore saying,if you follow the argument, that Cain should have killed Abel at a higher level, and not physically.
They are therefore moving beyond their genetic program into a higher realm of nature.This is how the modern human species sees things as well.But having persued this argument for a few thousand years,(ever since we left the land and started to live in towns and cities),it has proven to be the case that mankind has not survived, we are on the eve of extinctuon, we have a project to save the human genome and species on Mars,reliable information to say that the end is close,
In Genesis it states that incarnations areto be punctuated by a physical death.It states many other nature truths in thebible as well. Other scriptures as well.As the Catholic doctrine still holds to many of these truths.Who is right and who is wrong about moving to a higher species in such a short time.?
It is not possible.
It is not possible to survive outside the checks and safeguards of natures balance and ecosystems,away from the natural earth environment.Even if we were successful in our enlightenment and knowledge quest, the end result would be that we would have to return to the forest,to continue to survive and live as a human species.
Wecannot expect to survive by going to Mars, even further away from our nature,They are Cyberg,ing us anyway on Mars.
We are on the wrong path and will continue to do so.

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